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NBS Finance Services:


We can offer you a business loan suited to your needs. We have top tier providers ready to assist, and we can also cater for companies who have experienced credit issues in the past. Rates can vary.

We offer funding from £10,000 upwards, we do not have a limit. Business Loans can be used for almost any purpose, and in most cases can be finalised within 24 - 48 hours.


NBS offer asset finance to business accross the UK to purchase goods such as equipment, machinery, farming tools, diggers, excavators and other large items. Our funders also like to look at the 'quirky' items that some funders do not. Our rates are of course very competitive and our payments plans are made to suit your budget and needs. We understand your needs for quick delivery of products and only work with speedy but competitive funding lines.

One of the more popular ways a company can raise money is to refinance items and assets they already own. Eg large machinery, tractors, diggers, excavators and vans.


As a business, you may have found yourself in a situation where you needed to raise money to buy stock, pay your employees and settle other invoices. However, clients rarely ever pay their invoices on time, so you are unable to meet your objectives and make your business grow.
If you find yourself in this position, there are several options available to you through NBS, such as using the factoring procedure. This solution has become very common and many businesses use factoring to meet their daily requirements.
Invoice factoring is a financial service that offers you up to 90% of the value of your invoices as soon as they are issued, meaning better and instant cash flow for your business.


NBS started it's presence in the finance market through the motor trade, offering brand new cars and finance to private buyers and businesses, back in 2003. The vehicle supply business can be found at www.nationalautosales.co.uk
On vans we could save you up to £13,000 off mrrp, and upto £8,000 off cars.

Regards business funding for vehicles we can help with:

Hire Purchase, PCP Personal Contract Purchase, Leasing & Contract Hire, Finance Lease, Lease Purchase, Refinancing (Swap to our provider at a lower rate. Our rates start at 5.9% apr (T & C's apply)

NBS can offer you an ability to purchase stock or goods in or out of the UK to buy then sell. Effectively allowing you to grow your business quickly and offer clients items that you originally couldn't afford to buy to trade with.


These kind of loans are secured against a property and are useful for raising funding to cover a period where other arrangements are being made, for example buying a property whilst waiting for a mortgage or raising funds another way.

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